I am a Dutch Designer who strongly believes that the ones who adapt 

without loosing their identity are the ones that survive.

I try to make brands future proof by creating a strong culture,

going back to their users and develop new ideas/concepts that will fulfil their users needs.

(May 2016 – July 2016)

Mobile Experience Designer


Reference: Nalden, Founder of Wetransfer (Ronald Hans)

Wetransfer challenged and questioned me and their selves what they would be on a mobile device. Combining user centered research, prototyping, creativity & designing skills I came to several concept proposals that are fit to the future & fit to the target audience.

(April 2016 – June 2016)

Community Understander

Young Creators

Reference: Robert van Hoesel, Founder of Young Creators

Young creators is a young but fast growing online community for creative, innovative entrepreneurs. It’s growing so fast that the founders got lost in choosing their direction. My task was to create a better understanding of the community and it’s needs to decide which direction would be a working direction for Young Creators.

(April 2016 – May 2016)

User Centered Researcher


Reference: Andy Young, Programm leader

Greenpeace has a problem. Their target audience does not have the image of them they want them to have. To achieve Greenpeace’s goals they need to change that image but they didn’t know how. My goal was to give Greenpeace a better understanding of their selves and their target audience. Also I created an opportunity report with suggestions to become future proof.

Art & Design Work

Willem de Kooning Academy

This is where I evolved my eye for improvable issues everywhere I go and see around me. During my time her I involved myself with social issues. I worked for social agencies in order to help children develop their talents, vision & identity by using art & music as a tool. I developed myself as a socially & self critical individual.